Monday, March 1, 2010

Inspirations from South America

This past April, Danny and I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to South America, as part of Danny's international curriculum for Emory's MBA class of 2009.  The South American experience was incredible all around! Most importantly the friendships that were gained through the program are lifelong.

I have been exploring these South American experiences on and off again since we have returned in May. Here is what I would like to share, and there are more in the works!

 Santiago Courtyard, 18x12, Pastel & India Ink

Often times when I am excited about capturing a destination or simply intrigued by a subject, I like to begin my exploration process with a gestural pastel drawing. From these quick gestural drawings, I get an idea of composition, color and size. This Santiago Courtyard above is an example of how I explored a destination/subject with gestural quick strokes in pastel and india ink, which soon after gave me the vision to create this piece in a much larger size as an Oil painting.

Santiago Courtyard, 56x30, OIL

Santiago Plaza, 18x12, Pastel & India Ink
Andes Mountain Horseback, 36x26, OIL

This is a moment that I had to create as an oil painting! I absolutely love horses and think they are gorgeous creatures. The oil painting above is a snapshot from horseback riding around the Andes Mountains.
Erracuriz Winery, 18x12, Pastel &  India Ink
Recoleta de la Cemetary with Church, 12x18, Pastel & India Ink

I created this piece on-site of this fascinating cemetary with the church steeple in the background in Buenos Aires, Argentina! The cemetary is called Recoleta de la Cemetary and I found myself going back many many times for inspiration. I am still intrigued with the skyline of crosses and angels. Family heritage is honored in a strong way within this sanctuary, which I highly respect. Within the gates of this cemetary there are about 100 cats that roam around as locals would say, "to keep the bad spirits out."  While I was creating this piece in an alleyway of this incredible cemetary, I had many of these cats come by and check out what I was working on wanting to rub all over. For a cat lover, you would have appreciated this moment too! 

Recoleta Cemetary, 12x18, Pastel & India Ink

Recoleta de la Cemetary, 24x20, OIL

Recoleta de la Cemetary, 18x12, Pastel & India Ink

Prayer, 12x18, Pastel

Paraguay Courtyard, 18x12, Pastel & India Ink

JKeim On-site creating this hotel rooftop piece in Paraguay!

Mariachi Trumpet, 18x12, Pastel & India Ink

Mariachi Band, 12x18, Pastel & India Ink

Mariachi Duo, 18x12, Pastel & India Ink

Mariachi Guitar Duo, 18x12, Pastel & India Ink
Mariachi Guitar Solo, 12x18, Pastel & India Ink

Mariachi II, 18x12, Pastel & India Ink

Mariachi Trumpet Solo, 12x18, Pastel & India Ink

Paraguay was the start of our South American experience and one of my favorites! Thanks to wonderful lifelong friends that we met in Emory's program. The Mariachi pieces are a glimpse into the Paraguay experience at our friends home in Paraguay.  I have other works in the making that are not quite ready to showcase!